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If you can see that your home is becoming discolored from black algae and green stains that grow on the surface of your home siding, then you need a professional house washing team to help. Due to the weather and other exposure to the elements, it is natural that your home will experience this kind of problem in and around Desoto County. This is where our team comes in.

At TNT Pressure Washing LLC, we provide safe, affordable, and effective soft washing and pressure washing in Hernando and surrounding areas of Desoto County including Southaven, Olive Branch, and more. We can't wait to give you a sense of pride as you pull up to your home!

Experience a day & night difference to your home.

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House Washing in Desoto County

We help you feel proud of your home.

Vinyl siding gets black algae and green stains that can ruin your home's appearance. You should never feel embarrassed about your home; that is why we are here to help.

At TNT Pressure Washing LLC, we provide professional house washing for your vinyl siding. We do this with soft wash technology, enabling us to remove these stains with care while protecting your home siding. We approach the cleaning of your home siding differently from concrete surfaces due to the risk of damage to your siding. We use a soft washing technique rather than a regular pressure wash to ensure that your home siding is not damaged when cleaning it.

Vinyl house washing before and after in Desoto County
Deck cleaning before and after in Desoto County

Deck & Fence Cleaning in Desoto County

Your decking and fencing aides in the beauty of your home. If your fence or deck has become stained and dirty, this impacts how much you enjoy them. It may be tempting to even think about replacing your stained panels altogether, but before you do, we encourage you to consider a professional pressure washing company to help.

At TNT Pressure Washing, we can completely restore your deck and fencing with our soft washing services. From the removal of black streaks and organic growth to a beautifully finished part of your yard, you can feel excited that we will bring the curb appeal back to your fence and deck. Using the soft washing method allows us to provide a safe and effective kind of exterior cleaning for your outdoor surfaces. We choose not to use high pressure for your fencing and decking as we want to make sure that no damage will occur while still effectively removing any dirt and stains.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

Just like keeping your roof clean to help maintain it, your gutters require this same attention too. Leaves, debris, and animal droppings are commonly found in gutters, but they can start to build up and cause significant clogs if left untreated. When your gutters become clogged, they can block the water flow, which forces the rainwater to spill over the sides of your gutters. This can be the start of an even bigger problem because water could begin to seep into the foundation of your home, potentially causing some costly damage.

At TNT Pressure Washing, we have an effective solution to solve these problems for you. Our expert team will safely remove any dry debris inside of your gutter, including leaves and twigs that have accumulated in there. These tend to be the big culprits when it comes to preventing the water flow in your gutters. We are very thorough in our approach when it comes to removing the debris from your gutters, ensuring that no leaf is left!

After removing the debris from your gutters, we will then turn our focus toward your downspouts. We use a jet stream of water that will blast through your downspouts safely and effectively so that rainwater can run its entire course smoothly through your gutters.

Leaves clogged in gutterGutter exterior cleaning after and before

The inside and outside count!

We also provide exterior cleaning for your gutters using our soft wash technology to gently remove the dirt on the outside, giving your gutters a complete makeover!

We are proud to be highly recommended in Desoto County.

"They did a great job cleaning my siding and roof. They were very professional as well. I highly recommend them will use them again in the future."

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